IIACSS was established immediately after the fall of the former Iraqi regime and is a member and sole representative of GALLUP international association and was the first Iraqi institute to join ESOMAR.

IIACSS is also a member in WAPOR and also affiliated with World Value Survey, Arab Barometer and number of other global and regional professional organization. Being the first Iraqi research company in Iraq, we have a deep understanding of Iraqi’s attitudes and behaviors as we are the first Iraqi company to ever conduct a Media Research and Omnibus studies since 2005.


Our full time project managers, methodologists ,data processors and field workers i are highly qualified and experienced .In addition we have hundreds of part time fully trained field workers who can work in all kind of environments and under different kind of circumstances in all of the region.Our teams are working according to international quality standards .

Dr. Munqith Daghir


Revekka Halasa


Dr. Abdul Razzaq Ali

Quality Control Director

Dr. Abdul Sahib Saleh

Fieldwork Director


IIACSS has five offices across Iraq which cover all eighteen governorates from the North to the South through our 5 regional offices in Baghdad, Basra, Babylon, Sulaymaniah and Erbil. IIACSS has also a regional office in Amman, Jordan and representative partners in Syria, Yemen and Libya. We have conducted more than 2,000,000 interviews and thousands of focus groups and in-depth interviews.