Dr. Munqith’s interview with AlSharqia news about IIACSS’s research regarding Kurdistan referendum

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Munqith Dagher’s recent piece on Washington Post.

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A striking positive shift in Sunni opinion in Iraq is underway. Here’s what it means. for the full article, please check the below link: Link1 [...]

العرض الذي قدمه د منقذ داغر في معهد واشنطن لسياسات الشرق الادنى عن اخر مستجدات الرأي العام العراقي بخاصه في المناطق التي تم تحريرها من داعش مؤخرا

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Dr. Munqith Dagher presentation in The Washington Institute for Near East Policy on May 2, 2017

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Global Poll on U.S. Elections: Final Press Release

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IIACSS is using Neuroscience technology in its research

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  A team of scholars from John Hopkins University, University of California and IIACSS has hunched a pilot study on functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)  in Amman during the period [...]

ESOMAR Presentation – Global Poll on US Election 2016

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PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW esomar-presentation-global-poll-on-us-election-ijaz-gilani-peter-kenny


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IIACSS is happy to provide free of charge service if providing all available data and info to all researches who are interesting in Iraq and [...]

first Iraq public opinion survey after Abu Ghraib Revelations-14-23 May 2004

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please click on the below link https://www.globalpolicy.org/images/pdfs/06iiacss.pdf    

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