Al- Mustakella for Research Group

Focusing mainly on market research and retail audit in Iraq; Al-Mustakella for research group consists of two main companies:

Launched in 2003 is IIACSS (Abr. Independent Institute of Administration and Civil Society studies), which focuses on the market and social studies, most importantly in Iraq and other middle-east countries.

Besides Market and opinion research, in 2010, IIACSS accomplished the first and only census for all trading companies. Based on the census, IMR (Abr. Independent Market Research) provides its clients with monthly retail audit report in all Iraqi governorates.

In 2016 Due to the increasing business demand, IIACSS decided to dedicate a specialized organization for Marketing research in the health industry under the name Infographic for Health Research (IHR)

Since the day IIACSS was established, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of data to our client. Our main target is to follow the international standards in the fieldwork and quality assurance measures.