The story of the first Iraqi poll

April 2003, exactly one month after the fall of the former Iraqi regime; A group of three PhDs in the university of Baghdad had the idea of conducting the first survey in the history of modern Iraq.

With a very limited budget and a complicated circumstances, the three lecturers (Dr. Munqith M. Dagher, Dr. Abdul Sahib Salih & Dr. Abdulrazak Ethawi) reached out for their students to volunteer conducting the interviews. A questionnaire of one page investigating Iraqi’s opinion of the military forces in Iraq and whether Iraqis see them as liberating troops was designed. The sample was built according the latest Iraqi census of 1997 and the data entry was punched using basic software and personal computer.

A month later; the results were announced and documented, the shocking truth of Iraq’s mostly regarding the military forces as occupying forces, not liberating as was widely promoted in the media at the time.

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