One of the great advantages of using automated interviews methodology (CAPI) is the ability to draw maps. Detailed maps for the locations where the interviewers are conducted. On one hand this is a great tool for quality assurance, on the other hand it allows the designer to better analyze and visualize  the results. IIACSS share with its clients full maps for more transperancy and accuracy of fieldwork.


A picture showing an example of a map created for one of the projects

The software shows the PSU (blocks) in which the interviews are being conducted. A quick tool for quality assurance and daily follow up.

AN example showing more detailed PSU selection

Most improtantly, the software can detect the daily route of the interviewer and the team. This gives a great insight into the daily routine of the team, above all whether the teams follows the random sample statistical methodology correclty.

AN exaqmple shows the exact roots of each interviewer on daily basis