Health Research

Health Research

Who we are

IIACSS decided to expand into the health sector back in 2007, to be the first market research company to conduct an on-field qualitative and quantitative pharmaceutical research in Iraq.

In 2016 Due to the increasing business demand, IIACSS decided to dedicate a specialized organization for Marketing research in the health industry under the name Infographic for Health Research (IHR). IHR is now a pioneering Iraqi company that covers the health and pharmaceutical market across the 18 provinces of Iraq. Our Team consists of senior pharmacists, medical doctors, and other HCPs who have an experience of more than 10 years in both Public & Private sectors.

Why IHR?

Experience: Over one decade of health experience that makes us deeply understand the behavior and attitude of the Iraqi market towards the pharmaceutical industry in specific and the health sector in general. This is why our experts will help you uncover, size and priorities growth opportunities in the market to ensure the success of your business.

Specialty: IIACSS pharmaceutical studies included thousands of F2F interviews with different physicians’ specialties: Oncologists, Neurologists, Cardiologists, Pulmonologists, IM, Gynecologists, Orthopedics, Pathologists and others. Our respondents’ list included also pharmacists (pharmacies and drug stores), nurses, lab. staffs, and patients. we have also conducted special in-depth interviews with MOH staff and governmental hospitals across Iraq.

Database & Census: During 8 months of continues hard work (2011-2012), IHR team was able to scan every street, recorded every pharmacy in the biggest 20 cities of Iraq, to get the universe census (100% enumeration).
Our census included each pharmacy, drug store and scientific bureaus. Due to these efforts, accumulated knowledge and other governmental and non-governmental sources; we now have the database that we rely on in the current and future projects.

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