Retail Audit

Retail Audit

Who we are

IMR –Independent Market Research Company is a professional market research organization operating in Iraq founded by IIACSS in 2011.
The establishment of IMR followed IIACSS’s strategic decision to expand its portfolio of services to the retail measurement industry in the Iraqi market by creating a retail index that tracks the flow of FMCG from retail to the consumer. This is the first retail measurement of its kind in Iraq aiming to provide clients with an understanding of the Iraq retail market and consumer, key to making the right decisions that can lead to profitable growth.
IMR brings together the strong networked presence and local expertise of IIACSS and a group of research professionals with a wide background in the retail measurement services.


IMR’s Vision is to become the most trusted source of Retail Audit data in Iraq and other potential challenging markets, thus fulfilling the essential needs of multinational entities operating or launching in these markets.
Multinational entities are in need of market data to either launch or monitor and improve their operations in markets fully dependent on operations outsourcing.

Iraq retail Audit

Following IIACSS retail census of the top 20 urban cities in Iraq, IMR has joined together with Retail Zoom as partners to launch a monthly audit service in Iraq. The retail audit commenced with opening stock in December 2011. This partnership specifically involves IMR conducting the fieldwork and local data entry, and RZ is responsible for the panel design, data processing, and commercial and client servicing. IMR retains proprietary rights to the data.


Our Group Channels Include the Following

Modern Trade
– Hypermarkets (+1000) m2
– Supermarkets (150-999) m2
– Mini Marts (100-149) m2
– Large Groceries (60-99) m2

– Medium Groceries (30-59) m2
– Small Groceries (1-29) m2
– Fruit/Vegetable Mixed Shops (Selling Grocery Items)

Our services:

With a highly experienced team of researchers, field specialists and moderators and a pool of advanced statistical and analytical skills, refined data collection standards and quality controls, we offer a broad spectrum of services to address every client’s needs.
Our research methods entail Censuses, Tracking studies, Distribution surveys, pricing studies etc…