Dr. Daghir’s work has played a critical role in the development of Iraqi civil society, and his continued efforts, despite increasing violence, demonstrates his commitment to giving Iraqi citizens a voice during their country’s political transition

Jodi L. Nachtwey, Wayne State University

Our work with IIACSS has been a collaboration that seeks to find the best solution to our monitoring and evaluation task

Harvey Herr, IBTCI

I have always been happy with the quality of the research provided by IIACSS. I have also been impressed with the firm’s ability to keep to its schedule and meet deadlines despite at times very difficult security circumstances

Rob Farbman, Edison research

There is nobody else that understand Iraq, the mood of the people and how to undertake proper research throughout all 18 governorates like Munqith and his team at iiacss

ORB International

Over the course of many years of partnership with NDI, the IIACSS team has demonstrated professionalism, a deep knowledge of Iraqi society, and familiarity with the administrative processes required to complete research projects in Iraq. The ability of the IIACSS team to operate with efficiency and flexibility makes them a strong research partner.

National Democratic Institute

One of the best possible sources on Iraqi public opinion and the views of the Iraqi people. Objective and balance in a region where far too much analysis is ideological and polarized.

CSIS – Center for Strategic and International Studies