Global Happiness and Hope Index

Global Happiness and Hope Index

The Gallup International has published part of its annual survey conducted at the end of each year, called (the end of the year survey EoY). The poll covered about 50 countries distributed on all continents of the world.

This part of the survey, which was launched, showed a similarity in the global happiness index, as the results of this year were almost similar to the last year, where about 60 percent of the world’s population covered in the poll said they are happy, while 11 percent said they do not feel happy and 28 percent do not feel neither of happiness or sadness. (See figure)

Colombia came first in terms of happiness, with a net index (88), followed by Indonesia (86), Ecuador (85), Kazakhstan (83), and the Philippines (78). Jordan population was the least happy with a net score of (-38) on the index, followed by Lebanon (-15), then Syria (-7), and Iraq and Hong Kong, both of which scored (5). (See table below)

In terms of optimism, as measured by the annual optimism index, the optimism of the world’s people decreased, as the proportion of optimists in the coming year decreased from 41 percent to 37 percent, and the percentage of pessimists increased from 23 percent to 25 percent, as shown in the figures below



Albania and Nigeria were among the most optimistic people in the world, with a net score of 61 points, followed by Peru, Kazakhstan and Kosovo. The Lebanese people were the most pessimistic people in the world, with a net (-71) point, followed by Hong Kong, then Jordan, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina. As for Iraq, its people are in the middle of the list, with a net optimism equal to (5) only. Iraq is ranked fourth as the most unhappy people. A detailed report will be published by the Independent Research Group (IIACSS) on Iraq Results.(See table below) 





The charts below compare the hope and happiness index between part of the Middle East countries (Jordan, Lebanon and Syria) with Iraq.

Source: End of Year Survey ( EoY) –Gallup International
Disclaimer: Gallup International Association was founded by Dr. George Gallup in 1947 and it includes independent research companies from more than 60 countries in the world. 
The Independent Institute & Administration Civil Society Studies (IIACSS) is a member of Gallup International, represented by Dr. Munqith Dagher as a board member of the Gallup International, responsible for the Middle East and North Africa region. IIACSS is also a member of the World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR).