IIACSS Cetrificate Gallup

IIACSS Cetrificate Gallup

In response to the recent allegations questioning IIACSS membership in Gallup International and the position of Dr. Munqith Dagher, CEO of Al Mustakella for Reseach (IIACSS), as the regional director of MENA region; Here is a note from Dr. Munqith Dagher on the matter:

Few social media platforms have been circulating false news doubting not the credibility of the recent poll conducted by IIACSS -100 Days on Adel Abdul Mahdi’s Government- but the authenticity of IIACSS membership in Gallup International and my position as the Regional Director of the MENA region. As a researcher and academic, I prefer to use facts rather than relying on words. Hereby I am attaching the certificate of IIACSS membership as the sole representative of Gallup International in Iraq and the official letter confirming my position as MENA Director since 2017

In addition, GALLUP International official website lists clearly the board membership of Dr. Dagher and his biography from the link

Gallup International Website

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